RRS Discovery

RRS Discovery
RRS Discovery

A project to replace Royal Research Ship (RRS) Discovery  began in June 2007 with the intention of providing a multirole oceanographic vessel to the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC).
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The current RRS Discovery  is 90 meters long and is fitted with a wide range of scientific equipment, extensive lifting and handling facilities, large open working decks and can easily accommodate containerised laboratories and bolt-on winches.

Laboratory facilities are impressive and cover a range of options. Single berths are provided for 28 scientific staff. RRS Discovery  was rebuilt in 1992, to maximise operational flexibility. RRS Discovery  cruises world-wide with a port to port endurance in excess of 45 days.

She is the largest of the general purpose oceanographic research vessels currently available in the UK. Scientific options include seismic, geological sampling, physical oceanography, chemistry, trawling and deployment of large overside packages.

RRS Discovery  was originally built in 1962, to replace RRS Discovery II  which had been built in 1929 to continue research into the habitat of the whale in Antarctica begun by Captain R.F. Scott. The Conversion in 1992 included lengthening the original hull by 10 metres and fitting completely new superstructure and power plant.

RRS Discovery  - a celebration of 50 years

Scientists, crew and support staff, past and present, associated with the RRS Discovery  gathered on 2 July 2012 to celebrate the half century of the vessel's service to UK science.

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